Journalistic Style

“Elegance is the balance between proportion, emotion, and surprise"
 - Valentino Garavani

MY STYLE is moody, romantic, very camera-unaware, and to me a perfect photograph can be far from perfect or perfectly posed. I love the carefree spirit of wind-blown hair, an impromptu dance, and I don’t shy away from chaos. I tend to have a 6th sense for awkwardness (sometimes even my own ;)) so stiff poses are not my thing. No “cheese” either!

My favorite moment is likely on the candid side, showcasing your quirkiness, and sweetness, with genuine connection, tapping into your unique mood and personality.

Now, don't worry, on a wedding day there is the Family portraits part, where you do get the traditional grinning shots with mom and grandma for her fridge, but even then I often go off script to create a few sweet moments for me to capture rather than just focusing on the “photo checklist”. And, if you are part of "My Tribe", those likely will end up being some of your favorite shots down the road.