Hi, this is ME! The gal behind the lens! 

If you've wandered onto this page, you are likely a fellow photog, looking to grow and learn together, quite possibly looking for a mentor. I'm guessing you've browsed, and you know a bit About me by now, you've seen my work, and were curious about what this whole "learn" thing was about. :) Did I peg you right? Hopefully. If you're a potential Client curious Monkey,  you are welcome to stay, but this might get geeky pretty quick, so when your eyes glaze over, the Stories tab might be more up your alley (especially if you're looking to see some more of my work). 

Below you will find a few Blog posts worth reading, especially if you are in the 'sponge' phase of your photography career. (Follow me on Instagram, since I usually post a quick announcement if something new goes up). 

If you have been struggling finding information, you've read all there is to read here (and the resources I list), and you want to connect with me for more advice I list some Mentorship options below. Don't worry! I'm actually pretty down-to-earth, and I love helping others along, since we're all in this together! 

A rising tide lifts all boats

mentorship options

LOW-KEY Q&A COFEE DATE - (in person / via screen share) - If you're here in the Twin Cities, I'd love to meet up, but that's not a drawback, screen sharing is also an option. Not everyone is at the same stage of growth, and you might be struggling with different things than others. Unlike workshops (where the 'menu' is pretty fixed), I don't want to have a pre-defined agenda, but instead give you the chance to tell me what you need most, where you're at, etc. You'd email me some of your questions ahead of time so I get an idea on what to focus on, and get a chance to prep a bit. Here are some ideas of what I can help you with: general business, portfolio or website review/critique, branding and style, finding your ideal client, editing (learning Lightroom, making your presets work for you, etc.). If you're tired of watching videos and kinda want a personal tutor, this one is for you. 

1 HR / $150
Topics tailored to you
Q&A style - No questions are off-limits, unless I'm not an expert on the subject, in case I'll let you know




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