Frequently Asked Questions


HOW DO WE BOOK YOU? -- We LOVE your journalistic style, we feel like we really connected, and we’d love to work with you!!! What are the next steps to book you for our Wedding?

The signed Contract + non-refundable Retainer officially book me for your wedding date. Once I receive those two we can put your Engagement Session on the calendar and getting excited for the wedding day!!

How much do you charge for Weddings? / Portraits?

I'll give you an idea on budget range below, and you can get in touch for full pricing and what's included in each collection.

Photography Pricing Snapshot

  • Local Weddings starting at $3500+
  • Portraits starting at $400+
  • Newborns starting at $450+
  • Boudoir $750+ (includes room / studio rental)
  • Food & Creative Business - based on an estimate

Do you book Weddings or Elopements on Holiday Weekends?

It depends. I generally tend to take Holiday Weekends off, since those are some of the only weekends I get to rest and recharge during the warm season in MN, BUT if you’re in a pinch, check with me on availability. Holiday Weekend Rates apply (+$300).

Do you Travel for Weddings and Elopements?

Yes, but it depends if it's a good fit and if I have availability. Travel fees apply, and they are listed right in my Pricing info I follow up with when you Say Hey. So, let's get to know each other. :)

HELP!!! I have no idea how to plan my wedding or where to even get started!!!

NO worries!!!! I’m happy to help!! Each couple gets a detailed Wedding Day Itinerary template with how much time I recommend to reserve for each part of the day, loads of helpful tips, sample itienary, and Family photo list. If you just follow my Itinerary Template it should get you 90-95% of the way. Once you have a draft you feel good about I review it and help work out the kinks.

I will also help keep your day on track the day of the wedding, so all you two have to worry about is taking it all in. Once we have a good plan, things come together neatly, so don’t sweat!

Do you recommend a 2nd Shooter?

Short answer - YES! (unless you don't have a wedding party)

A 2nd Shooter is not a luxury item, it's more like an extra set of limbs (and eyes) for me, so I can take care of you better (also helps with peace of mind for both of us.

A couple specific scenarios in which a 2nd shooter is especially recommended are:

  • Bride & Groom getting ready in 2 different locations. I always stay with the bride, and groom getting ready photos would not be included in the day (or would be 'mocked up') unless you have a 2nd shooter.
  • Catholic / Lutheran Ceremonies with strict Photographer Policies. If you want your Ceremony captured from a different angle than the one I am 'stuck with' (usually seated behind all the people, can't move), it’s super helpful to have a 2nd shooter.

Engagement session - How do we schedule ours?

As soon as we finalize booking me for your wedding (i.e.: I receive the signed Contract + Retainer check), we can get your e-session on the calendar. Eeek! Can’t wait to go out and have some fun with you two!!

Do we need the Engagement session? We weren’t really thinking of doing one (OR we already had a friend get some photos of us)

In short - YES!!! You absolutely want to have an engagement session with me! :)

Every photographer has a very different style of directing, posing, and interacting, and every couple is completely different. The engagement session gives me a chance to get to know you two, see how you interact, what makes you two tick, what makes you laugh. It let’s me experiment with a few things, see what comes totally naturally to you two vs. what maybe didn’t seem like you guys. And, let’s face it, being in front of the camera is kinda nerve-wrecking, you need all the practice you can get with the person that will be capturing your big day! Getting to know me and having some no-pressure fun together will make you feel so much more at ease on the big day, and it will also help you trust me so much more and be excited to work together again. I hear over and over again (especially from the couples that were maybe a bit skeptical) that they were so glad they did it! I KNOW you’ll end up feeling the same!

HELP!!! We are not great at posing at all!!! We kind tend to look like dorks in most photos! Can you help us so we don’t look and feel so awkward??

No sweat! That’s what I’m here for! I often bring music to my sessions, and we denitely have fun! I’ll help direct, we’ll dance some, and it will be awesome! Trust me! Relax. Don't overthink it! And, if you are crazy nervous, or need some advice on picking a place that feels like you, planning your outfits, and kinda getting a feel for what to expect, check out the tips in my "How to have an awesome engagement sesh" article under Stories. :) You've got this buttercup!

How do we get our images and what is the Turnaround Time?

All images come to you in a beautiful online gallery that you can access on the go, and even print pro photographs directly through (it's self-service, hooked up to my professional print lab).

  • You generally receive a Wedding Gallery about 2 months after the Wedding. For Elopements the turnaround time is about 1 month.
  • Engagements (and other sessions) usually take 2-3 weeks from the session date.

** Please allow longer turnaround time during the heart of the busy season (September - early November) when the editing list gets a life of its own ;)


Frequently Asked Questions


Do you shoot Family sessions? (Maternity / Newborns / Seniors?)

You bet I do! :) Although I do shoot primarily Weddings, so I look for a good fit with other sessions since I book a limited amount of those.

  • LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY, and what it's all about - As you might have noticed on my website, since I try to share the work that most tugs on my own heart strings ;), sessions with me are a bit non-traditional. I usually go for less posing, more playing, and basically anything that gets a reaction I'm game for! Group or an individual, same applies. No matter the session type, show up ready to play in a more light-hearted manner, where kids are involved - basically like you normally would but instead of the living room couch we're at a park or some other fun location :)
  • DISCLAIMER - If you are looking for perfectly posed 'look at the camera & smile' photos, I'm probably NOT the right fit. I'll be honest. Sure, you get some look at the camera photos, but perfectly posed, perfectly still, that's not my jam. I want to see authentic expressions, genuine connection, real emotion, I want to see your personality and your vibe shine! I don't want still, awkward, or stagnant. With Families I don't shy away from chaos, I want to get your kids to wrestle and play thumb-war. I want cuddles and tickle fights. I want closeness. I want you to let your guard down, let loose and pay attention to each other and your kids. That's how magic and unforgettable moments are captured. I understand that is not for everyone, so I just want you to know what I'm all about, because I know that if you're "MY TRIBE", what you just read is music to your ears and we're a match made in Heaven! :)**

Do you shoot Boudoir sessions?

Yes, and absolutely love it! My approach is a bit different though. I really do not care for traditional boudoir. I find it painfully cheesy. I want my photos of you to be artful, alluring, irresistibly feminine, and showcasing your individual personality. Whether you are the girl next door type, or feel more bold, I want to capture the real you, and the babe you are, whatever your age or dress size is.

  • Boudoir is the most intimate thing one can do as far as photography is concerned. And, it should not be done just as a present for a spouse. It should be done for YOU. To celebrate your alluring side, get dolled up, and feel amazing. (Please note, Professional makeup is non-negotiable in my boudoir sessions and I give you the contacts to reach out to so it's done well)
  • I DO NOT share Boudoir photography on social media or my website. If you are interested to see a Portfolio of images I've taken, Say Hey via the website and I'll show you some of my favorite work in a more private and one-on-one manner. :)

Totally Random Questions…

I bashed my thumb and it's all black, what's your favorite nailpolish you recommend to cover that sucker up?

Haha, ooops. Sorry. I ALWAYS recommend neutrals for sessions (Black / Red / Flesh Tones). I beg you NO blues, or funky nail designs. You want your photos to be timeless.

  • Try a double coat of OPI "Tiramisu for Two" or "Stop it I'm blushing" (my absolute fav) ;) Set it with Seche Vite quick dry top coat (they'll dry before you have a chance to mess them up!)

We're planning a boho wedding, and I'm looking for a more unique wedding dress that's got lots of movement (hippie / indie / boho style) - do you have any favorite designers? (any shoes to go with that?)

Well, yes actually! I am absolutely crazy about the Rue de Seine dresses!! Whether it's wander-lust, indie/hippie/boho/barefoot, or any other more romantic and sort of free-spirited wedding - these are perfect!!! As for shoes - I'm been absolutely crazy about Jeffrey Campbell Grove floral (western) boots!(like these ones) They are to die for!! Hard to find nowadays (Free People used to sell them)

Still got Questions?

:: :: ::

“Ester, where do we begin?! Thank you so much for being the absolute best wedding photographer ever! You guided us through the entire day, and we couldn’t have done it without you! We loved working with you!!!” — Thanks again!!! xoxo, The Wallentines xoxo