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If you've searched hi and lo for the right person to capture what's most dear to you... found me ... and you fell in love with my camera-unaware journalistic style, passion for details and candid moments, love wandering off the beaten path, and are drawn to the work I share, plus you don't mind some windblown hair and mud on your dress at the end of the day (and the run-on sentence I just wrote above...)

Let's talk! LOL ;) --- with love, Ester

Pricing Snapshot: 2019 Local Weddings $3500-$4200; Portraits $400, Newborns $450-600, Food and Creative Business based on an estimate

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We really can’t describe how wonderful and FUN you made our experience. From start to finish we had such a blast working with you! (...) You made us feel relaxed and helped us remember why we were doing all this - because we are crazy about each other :) (...) We LOVE looking through our pictures and remembering the day - we appreciate you SO much! :)
— Mr and Mrs Antony (AKA Meggan and Joe)