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Minneapolis Wedding Photographer
If you've searched hi and lo for a Friend that vibes the same as you, and you fell in love with my camera-unaware journalistic style, passion for details and ORGANIC / Raw moments                                                                                          --   Let's talk! 

(PS. My FAQs page, and the Pricing Snapshot below also have some good info :))


Let’s Work Together

Photography Pricing Snapshot

I know what it’s like searching for that one photographer that’s just right!! One that you really feel like you connect with, who’s editing style you enjoy, who you can trust to take care of you, and most importantly — one that you know will capture ‘the real you’ best! Without cheesiness, without awkward, weird poses, without stiffness.

Finding that “one” is not an easy task! And… turns out it’s really important we’re a good fit! For both our sakes ;)

I know that some budgets are set in stone, and I know I’m not always for everyone, and that’s OK! The snapshot below is meant to just give you a quick gauge, to save us both some time, and from here I hope you get in touch with some details about you, so I can get to know you, and follow up with all the details about what’s included, the value, the experience, and all the fun stuff!

  • Local Weddings starting at $3500+

  • Portraits starting at $400+

  • Newborns starting at $450+

  • Boudoir $750+ (includes room / studio rental) ** (Ladies, inquire for samples of my work) **

  • Food & Creative Business - based on an estimate

My work has been featured in:
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