Sweet Minnesota Lifestyle Newborn Session :: meet Kennedi Joan

What can I say, I’m an absolute sucker for sweet at home sessions full of sweet sweet family moments… Ben and Tasha welcomed their new baby girl, and I was so happy to meet this little feisty girl! :) She fussed some, all newborns do, but it was so sweet to watch Tasha full of love calm this little baby down time after time. Kinda makes me smile just thinking about how loved this little baby girl is already. And… can I just say perfection?? I mean, 10 little fingers, 10 little toes, spunky attitude, and baby face of an angel. This gal is going to be a heart-breaker!!! haha! I might need to start a baby/momma-hook-up site, since I seek to know where all the newborns are at! ;) Anyway, we played so much Michael Bubble go Sinatra Ben and I almost fell asleep. Heck, everyone was falling asleep, even Kennedi gave up at one point LOL! Mission accomplished! :) Enjoy some sweet baby magic, and… meet little miss Kennedi Joan.