Steamy July at Fort Desoto :: with Hannah and Parker

Sarasota is a home away from home for me and David. We go there when we need to get away, relax, and not think. Too hard, anyway. Perhaps read a good book. Don't get me wrong, when we want an adventure Europe and visiting my family are awesome, but sometimes, after a full wedding season, or in prep for one, we just need to clear our minds, and Europe is too much figuring of things out. So, when I need to get some margin back, or create some margin, and sone head space for some hectic times, that's when we go to Florida. I think it has something to do with the fact we spent a 2 week honeymoon in Longboat Key after we got married, and that David's grandma Shirley has a condo there, so things just really seem like a 2nd home, full of good memories. :) 

Fun fact - Hannah was actually a bridesmaid in Emma and Jeremy's NP wedding! And that's how we met first! :) See if you can pick her amazing freakin' braid from the wedding crew crowd! 
Fun fact 2 - We were actually going to do this session in Nokomis, I even drove there to scope things out the day before, but due to a fierce Red Tide (never seen this many dead fish in my life!) and the fact you could't even take one breath without coughing we moved things closer to Clearwater, where these two live. 

They suggested Fort Desoto in St. Pete. Cool. I'm game. Perdy and semi-secluded? Sounds just like what we needed. As you gather - this was my first time at Fort Desoto, and I fell in love! Gorgeous area! Loved the North Beach, I arrived early to scope it out a bit (you see a pattern here ;)), and while driving around getting an idea on the area, David took the wrong turn, putting us in the Fort Desoto Campground. Not exactly the plan. But. Once I saw a few awesome camping sites, complete with birds, baby raccoons (OK, those buggers are adorable when small and less pesky!) I was kinda hooked on people's awesome tents and every variety of hammock! Almost borrowed one of the said hammock for photos... Forgot. Remembered now as I write this. Oh well... Anyway - I made David do a loop so I could see every single campsite, because let me tell you - if camp sites looked like these, I'd be into camping!!!!!
Once we drove by the camp site #36, I was in love! The swooping tree, the picnic table, magically backlit, it was freakin' love at first sight!!!! No matter it was like a 10 minute drive from where we said to meet, I was bringing them back here! So glad we did it!!! And all because of a silly wrong turn ;)

And... might I add it was 100 degrees, 100% humidity, we were all sweating balls, so all this frolicking you see, that's some easy going people right there, and one adventurous photographer! ;) Ending in the water seemed fitting and welcomed by all! I followed them into the waves right in my romper, and man.... it was glorious! 

To Hannah and Parker - you two are fun! I love your easy going spirit, your up for anything fun personalities and... your hair. Thanks for playing lovers!!!! - Ester :)