Big Laughs and Loads of Family Fun :: with the Pescosolidos

This was some of the most fun I’ve ever had photographing a family! I mean, these guys really love each other! And, they love to laugh! It’s not often you see brothers taking care of their little sister with as much affection as these two boys. Andrea and Gabe really have this whole family being close, lovin’ on each other, and having fun thing down! These two were all about their kids, all into their kids, and guess what… they got tons of looking at the camera photos as well because that was the least of their concerns! When Andrea contacted me she mentioned that she wanted to have their family captured having fun, being themselves, naturally, candidly, she loved my journalistic style. So, we went out, had fun, the kids rolled in the grasses, there were little sis sandwiches, horsey rides, and wrestling. You guys were the easiest family session I think I’ve ever done!!! Up for anything and everything, loving, affectionate. Thanks for making me smile, I could have stayed with you all night long! :) — Can’t wait for next time! Ester