Horse Play at the Park :: with the Black Family

I love when families play! I love when you’re having such a good time you kinda forget I’m there! And, I know it’s hard sometimes. I know there are expectations. Someone sometime decided that all family Christmas cards should have people perfectly posed and placed, with a picture-perfect smile. Masses followed. Honestly, time to break that myth. Great family photos are NOT about everyone looking at the camera and smiling! They are about connection. Emotion. Reactions. They are ALL ABOUT PLAY! This is what makes me smile, and I know it will make you smile too! Set your expectations right - set your expectation for possible grass stains, worth the good time. You know your kids. Help me out with doing what you know so well brings a smile on their face or makes them shriek with joy! If you tend to play-wrestle your boys on the living room floor and you know they are cookoo about it, that’s what I want to see!! If you know they love being thrown up in the air, or flown like an airplane, let’s do that! You don’t have to worry about how to get good photos. That’s my job! :) All you have to do is help me figure out countless ways to entertain your kids and play. I’ll do the rest! As long as you do that, you WILL love what we get. I have not a single doubt in my mind! Oh, and time someone sent out a Christmas card where not one person is looking at the camera but ALL are having a blast! That’s what I want to see when I get my snail mail! :) — Dan, Laura, Miles and Dylan — Love you guys to pieces!! You guys are a ton of fun! :) — Ester