Engagement at Macrostie Winery California :: with Megan & Jakob

Fun fact - I’m a light-weight… As in, I don’t does so wells with vino and shooting. BAHAHAHA! There is a reason why I usually joke “Shoot sober, edit drunk!” whenever I’m offered a drink at a wedding. Another fun fact, I’m drinking a glass of red wine while posting this blog! When we started this session with a wine tasting, that was the only time I thought to myself, oh boy Ester, you’re like gonna have to pull ALL your wits together for this one. Haha! And we did! Jakob might or might not have pooped out in like record time! (yep dude, gonna give you crap for that one for a while ;)) but we freakin’ had a blast! The lovely folks at Macrostie really were so sweet (thank you for having us, we adore your ground, and staff really is the sweetest and made us feel so welcomed! :)) We’ll definitely be back!

Anyway, it was so much fun to meet this lovely couple in person, before their Minnesota wedding, and share a glass of vino with them. These guys are fun!!!!!! WOW! I mean, I love ALL my clients, I have the absolute best people in the world and I am so lucky that all my people absolutely rock, but… we (as in David and I) actually made friends with these two! :) We grabbed a bite after the session (Barn Diva for the win!), and really had the funnest of times getting to know each other! I can’t wait for these guys to come up here, and hopefully we can grab a bite at our mutual favorite - Italian Eatery :)

Until next time Meghan and Jakob! Thanks for playing!! We had so much fun hanging out with you two! — with love, Ester (& David ;))