Tattoos and Macrame :: MSP Lifestyle Newborn Sesh with Brogan + Keith + Coda

When they tell you things are never going to be the same once the baby arrives, they kinda mean it. And yet, ignorance is bliss. ;) No one really knows how things will go, how the transition will be, and yet apparently it’s all worth it because we all hope for the best :) Still, it had been a rough 3 weeks after Coda arrived, combined with no sleep, and the whole addition of the 3rd wheel going one unknown to another. We had to push back our session till things stabilized a bit, and well, it was worth it. As revenge we got some good black-mail material to be used at a later date, no doubt, and I’m hoping capturing all the sweet snuggles with Coda snoozing in their arms will keep filling their love tank for that next sleepless night. :) Congrats on 2 becoming 3! - Let the games begin! :) —Thanks for letting me be a part of this first family adventure — Ester