Intimate Copper Hen Wedding :: Becky + Karl

When I met Becky and Karl I knew right away that their wedding day would be awesome. Completely down to earth, in love, and just full of vibrant fun - these two. We had a great conversation, and it was clear these guys were “my tribe”. In love with the candid, journalistic feel of capturing moments and emotions, lovely closeups, nuts-over-details, and infatuated with Black and Whites - they were basically finishing my sentences, electric excitement flooding Spyhouse as we giddily talked all things Kittelson wedding. Even the fact that I had started the meeting by discovering I had lost my wallet didn’t dampen our moods. A few frantic phone-calls later the wallet was safely waiting from me at a nearby shop, and we were geeking out on discussing all the lovely details that were in the making. Now, this wasn’t just going to be a wedding filled to the brink with “things, ands stuff”, and certainly not an explosion of DYI good intentions. Each detail was really meaningful, tastefully chosen, and behind it lots of love, time, and thought. First and foremost, the wedding dress was entirely designed and made by the groom’s mom. Wait, sorry, what? I think were my words. Either that, or “that’s brave”. We’ll claim amnesia on the exact exclamation I uttered... Moving on, to the beautifully handcrafted stained glass candle holders (mom of the bride), vines hand grown in groom’s mom’s garden, Limoncello brewed and hand bottled by the groom and his dad, custom Limoncello labels, invites, programs, and more… 

The details were beautiful, the venue was cozy (Cooper Hen for the win!), but it really was everyone’s attitude and mood that made the day what it was. I was surrounded by so much love and respect, this wedding was truly a pleasure and an honor to capture and be present at. The bride and groom honored their parents with a thoughtful reading and roses at the church, the bridal party was truly happy to be there with Becky and Karl on their first day as husband and wife. Friends and family came from many states. It was clear everyone was having a great time. Even the rain could not stop the party! And it sure rained! I should also personally thank whoever picked up the clear umbrellas the day before the wedding! You might not have been on the “list of details”, but you sure saved the day! You know who you are. 

All in all, the day came together beautifully. Frankly, it probably also had something to do with picking the lucky date - August 20th (which also coincidentally happens to be my birthday ;)). Congrats to MR and MRS Kittelson!


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List of vendors and friends that contributed to make this day awesome: 
Photography: Ester Knowlen Photography, 2nd shooter Nicole Marohn
Transportation: Total Transportation
Music: Loring String Quartet
DJ: Instant Request DJ
Bride’s Dress: Designed and hand made by Kathy, the grooms mother. Lace from Etsy, and the satin from a shop in London
Bride’s Antique Clutch: Yesteryear Glam, Chicago, thru Etsy
Bride’s Jewelry - Pearl necklace from late grandma (mom’s mom)
Bride’s Pearl Earrings - Tiffany & Co. - a gift from the Groom
Bride’s Handkerchief - late grandma (dad’s mom)
Groom & Groomsmen Suits: MensWearhouse - Calvin Klein
Cigar boxes - local cigar store, Tobacco Grove in Maple Grove  
Party favors: Homemade limoncello, hand made, hand bottled and hand labeled
Limoncello Labels, Invitations (custom logo), Programs: designed by Shannon, brides friend, LoveLife Creative Designs
Flowers: Market Flowers Minneapolis - a local farmers market. Bouquets were handmade and designed by Karl's great aunt Joyce
Table Centerpieces - Stained glass votives - Hand made and designed by bride's mother, Cheryl Stanford from Stanford Glass Shop
Vines on the tables - hand grown in Kathy's garden (groom’s mother)
Hair - Jaimie Stevenson from tc2 Salon
Makeup - Taylor Hanson from Aveda Makeup/Juut Salon