Best Birthday Present to Each Other! :: At Home with Kate & Andrew + Kurt-the-cat

Kate and Andrew moved into a new home, made it look incredible (I’m having visions of their deep dark and moody emerald green wall to this day, considering painting my own domicile…)

This wasn’t exactly an at-home engagement session since they are married already, but actually it was even cooler! They gifted this couple’s photo session to each other for their birthdays!!!!! Why didn’t I think of that?!

But honestly, who needs a reason to get new photos when you have a gorgeous brand spankin’ new house, you’re young, in love and sexy (no kids yet), and feeling like celebrating! I’m ALL for at-home-cozy sessions, drinking coffee while we shoot, instigating all kinds of fun shenanigans, messing up the bed just a little, and snuggling a pissed off cat! LOL ;) Sign me up! All that!

And I’ll actually share my own story here as well — David and I got our very own at-home photo session just the other year with a good friend of ours, and I am so dang excited we did!!! Those photos of us with our dog Surly, making coffee (Spyhouse beans of course ;)), cuddling, having fun in our element, are all over our house! So, if you’re thinking you need a reason for photos, like ‘just got engaged’ or ‘brought home a new baby’, think outside of the box! It’s so amazing to exist in cool photographs each year! And it’s even cooler to be captured in your element at the place you feel most at home. I myself really try to make an appearance in front of the lens (rather than behind it) at least once per year. Each session I end up with some of my favorite photos of us that kinda tell our story year after year, as we grow together. Pounds up, pounds down, add years, add some wrinkles (add some wisdom as well ;)), weight-loss failures regardless, I never regret having fun new photographs of myself and of us!! As long as you choose a good photographer, any double-chin you might be worried about will not be an issue. We know angles dang it!!! ;) And, really, who cares if you’re up 4 pounds. Don’t let life pass you by worrying about things that don’t matter! Gimme 2 warm bodies in love, 1 pissed off cat, 2 mugs of good coffee, a couch, a bed to mess up, heck! give me a floor! and I’ll get you some fun shots for your fridge that you’ll make you forget all about the stuff that doesn’t matter and help you remember the love your life is full of. :)

So, cheers to Kate and Andrew (and Kurtie the cat)! What a hoot you guys are!!!! Thanks for the most amazing bday shoot!!! I had an absolute blast!! It was so much fun getting to know you two, and getting to storm the castle together! ;) I can’t wait for next time! You two are MY TRIBE!!!! :) — with love, Ester