Adventurous Car Wash Session :: Hannah + Josh

I recently discovered that creativity and boredom go hand in hand. One seems to have a good rep, the other bad, and actually undeservingly so. If I am to be totally honest, lately I hit a ‘bored out of my skull’ level when it came to sessions, and somewhat even photography in general… Now, that’s actually not a bad thing!! I find it means a certain level of mastery when you manage to get bored with what you do. After photographing for going on 5 years, 4 years mostly full time, it’s inevitable I got somewhat good at what I do. And yet, I felt this scream rise up in my head at all status quo, everything I used to do, every park I used to frequent, no matter how nice… And it made me go out of my mind to try to think up different things — I started experimenting with light even more than before, on purpose seeking out situations I would’t choose in the past, shooting in full-on bright light, starting sessions earlier than golden hour, shooting at high noon, deliberately doing something different every session to give that scream something to chew on… This is actually how this amazing car wash session was born! :) I’ve been driving by this car wash for over 2 years, always thinking “Man! This place! It would be so fun to do a session here!!! “ And then I thought - why not??! I knew it would probably be facing the wrong way light-wise, but I wanted to try it anyway. I wanted to try it so bad!!

I heard that Hannah and Josh wanted to incorporate his dad’s vintage red Shelby into their engagement session, and I threw this wild idea out there — in my head I saw red bandanas, washing a car, splashing with water, sexy steamy fun wet hugs… They loved the idea and took it a step further! — vintage T-shirts, converse, coveralls, Levis, coca-cola, pizza! I mean, come on!!!!!! How cool is that??! I literally skipped! Not just in my mind, I bounced quite literally up and down, running around them like a kid in a candy store! THIS. WAS. FUN!! SO MUCH FUN!!!! And all because I got bored and didn’t just stay doing the same ol’ thing while letting the scream in my head get louder. I sought to go out of my comfort zone, do something different! Because boredom, it doesn’t have to have a bad rep. It can be an adventure waiting to happen! Hope this inspires you if you are a creative, as to Hannah and Josh - you two are my kind of people!! Thank you so much for all your willingness to be adventurous, rolling with this wild idea, and the crazy amounts of effort you put into making this happen. Love you both! Until your wedding!! :) — Ester