Boston Engagement :: Explorin' the city with Frangelina

Holy moly this was fun! I needed an adventure!!! Anyone who lives in Minnie and is plagued by the sub-zero unrelenting temps, coupled with feet and feet and feet of snow (this year anyway) will understand that sometimes creativity is not a bottom-less barrel, and the more you give doesn’t always feel like ‘the more you get’. It kinda just feels draining. And, like you’re scraping the bottom, continually. Even as much as I love what I do, and I love my clients…

So, I decided to get out of my comfort zone a bit, and do some couch-surfing this year. Designated at least a couple sessions to be destination engagements, with getting to know my couples oh so much more. And anyone knows that after you’ve shared a bathroom for a couple of days and heard each other burp after pizza with much caramelized onion, you are pretty much best buds LOL ;). Funny thing, I booked my tickets, and somehow didn’t notice that the return ticket was not quite for the date I had planned… Apparently both February and March this year have the exact numbers on the exact same days of the week, and flight deal shopping sometimes tends to land you with a different range than you originally entered… Angie and Frank almost got to enjoy my company for a whole month bahahahaha! And… thanks to Delta for being ‘somewhat’ gracious about this faux pas and letting me change the ticket back to a February date (at a not so small charge)… Whew! Crisis averted. Back to session though!

Man, we had fun! We bunked together, we explored the city, I FELL IN LOVE with the lobster roll at Neptune Oysters! HOT LOBSTER ROLL ALL THE WAY PEOPLE!!!! None of the cold lobster roll with mayo crap! Gimme melted butter soaking my brioche roll, and…. I’m drooling again… Also, this is the very first time in my life I’ve been able to tell one oyster from another. Kumano? If I remember right? Was the one with brown butter finish and I tasted EXACTLY to the T just that! There was another honeydew melon tasting oyster, and it tasted exactly as the tasting notes described it! I mean, a totally mind-blowing experience for a foodie! I’m officially an oyster fan! Never thought I’d say that… Literally everything we tried at Neptune was divine! And yes… the Johny cake is the thing to order as well.

On to dessert — Yes, the pistachio cannoli at Modern Pastry on Hannover is THE BEST! This is where the locals go, apparently. I mean, holy moly! Sicily (as in Sicily Italy) is known for their pistachio cannoli and I really didn’t care for it (sorry Rick Steves). It was too sweet, and with not much other flavor. The shell was too hard. It’s like they made those things in bulk and just let them sit for… god knows how long. And… we tried several, just to be sure. So, needless to say, I wasn’t even excited to try the Boston version…. I’m so damn glad Frank convinced me to give it a go! I mean, I’m in love!!! The flaky kinda crunchy crumbly fresh shell, the freshly piped ricotta filling, the amazing amount of whole pistachios on each end… Loads of drool ribboning down my face about now…

Oh, wait, I was supposed to talk about the session. Well, what can I say, they made out on a subway. Cross an item off my bucket list right there! Next, whoever is up for making out in a tub for me, call me up and I’m there! We bummed around the city. The rooftop at their place was dreamy! We returned just in time for some gorgeous last-light.

Start to finish, what a success! Angie and Frank (AKA Frangelina) thank you for being the most amazing hosts, showing me around, letting me get to know you better, I am so so so dang excited for your wedding!!! Until next time! I’ll be returning with my babe and we can maybe grab us a hot lobster roll! — with love Ester

Oh and I leave you with this…

TSA: Mam, is that… two cannolis in your bag??? (laughing, but kinda serious, making me feel a bit panicky about the future of my cannoli….)
ME: Ehm…. maybe? (TSA grins)
ALSO ME: You’re not getting my lobster roll!!!!!! (I bought a cold one at Neptune to bring home for David and I wasn’t gonna give it up without a fight!!!)

OK we had a good laugh, they let me through security with my spoils, and… David and I had a midnight snack fit for the kings!!! :) Boston, I love you!