Blizzard Maternity Session :: Krystal, Brett, Leo + Baby

Wow, we kinda took the “snow flakes that stay on your nose and eyelashes” to a whole new level!! ;) We set out for a maternity session, just giddy that there’d be snow on the ground. When the forecast showed that it would possibly snow, we go even more excited. Then we knew it would snow a lot, but we were already committed, so we thought, ah, what the heck (or as they say, screw-it let’s do it!). And then it came down! Like wow holy moly, it’s been a while since I’ve shot in a full-on blizzard LOL ;). And it kept coming down. And we were kinda eating snow. haha! My camera completely wet, I couldn’t see much at all, but I still played us some tunes, cuz… blizzard or no blizzard, I refuse to go anywhere without a soundtrack ;) “We’re having a heatwave” with Irving Berlin played somewhere in there, I know it! (Grumpy Old Men anyway?? Like 3 people got the reference LOL ;) It’s a good movie, watch it if you haven’t!)

Anyway, back to the subject at hand, which is this dreamy session. It worked out, as I knew it would!! And these two (well, three if you count Leo) proved yet again that when you have an amazing attitude full of fun and play, you get amazing shots!

God this was fun!!! :) I mean, we froze our tushes off, Krystal in her velvet gown especially, but we had so much fun we kinda didn’t even notice. And.. breaks in our nearby running car helped… hot thermos of coffee helped too… Sorry park ranger for parking right on the road and shooting, but… let’s just say trekking off the beaten path (which is normally how I roll) into 5 feet of snow with a prego lady and a toddler in a blizzard wasn’t quite doable. We’ll behave next time… I figured we were the only crazy enough people to be out in this kind of weather so we should get the road if we wanted the road… We literally were the only people there… The last few picnicers fled right as we got to the park. As for us, we came, we shot, we nailed it! Thanks for being an absolute blast to work with guys!!! :) — Welcome to my tribe! — Can’t wait to meet baby #2!!! — Ester