Minneapolis Family Session :: Golden Hr with the Fritzes

We ran around. They danced. I burned about a million calories chasing their kids around, and so did they!! LOL :) Honestly, I love these guys!!! The come prepared, they bring snacks, they follow my Family Session tips, they ALWAYS come ready to have fun and exuberantly participate in all the games I throw at them, they work their butts off to keep their kids entertained, they give me ideas of their favorite songs and what they’ve been up to lately that puts a smile on their tikes’ faces! And… did I mention they look amazing while doing all that!??!! :) No, cool. Well, they do!

Let’s face it! I know they make it look easy, I make it look easy, but if we’re being totally honest, Family Photos are kind of hard work, especially when your kids are young and have the attention span of a ladybug, and the newest fun game is to run away from the photographer, cuz, you know those new legs are super fun now that you’re not so wobbly on them, and… people are chasing you, so of course being on the move constantly is the way to go ;)

As much as I can I try to prepare you for what to expect. Set your expectations low. That usually helps. ;) Kids will be kids. They will have meltdows. They will disobey, cuz your know, discovering independence is always best practiced during family photos ;). If you set your expectations low you won’t get so frustrated when your kids are just acting their age. If you set your expectations low, but come ready to just play with them and create moments rather than expect them to follower orders like a trained monkey, you’ll have more fun. :) If you come ready and up for anything, and even expecting some rolling in the grass with your kid, you’ll create fun memories for you and for them, and I’ll get a chance to capture things as they happen naturally.

So, let’s recap. How does one get natural looking photos with their kids??
I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s all about letting go of perfection, and instead of focusing all your attention on me and the camera in front of you, it’s about forgetting that I’m even there. It’s about actually playing with your kids and paying attention to them (no me). It’s about piggy-back rides, and thumb-wars, rolling in the grass, horsing around, and letting any hiccups roll off of you. If your kid is having a meltdown itcould be because in some way they are feeling the pressure of performing being placed on them. Kids know! They’ve had an iphone camera in their face a million times!! (thanks grandparents!! ;)) They know they are supposed to look, smile, stand still, look cute. They know they’ve fallen short of those expectations in the past when someone said to them “no, not like that! smile with your teeth!” or something else equally moronic. That’s when the fake smiles started and the experience was coded in the memory banks that pictures are not fun. So, if you tell your kid “their name (over and over again) smile!” they will not do it. And they will not do it well! Simple as that. Kids do not fake well! If they are not having fun, you will know, I will know, and it will not come out well in photos. If you have smaller kids and they are having a meltdown no matter how hard you’re trying, it could be that they are just having a rough day. Simple as that! It’s no reflection on you as a parent as long as you laugh it off. Again, kids will be kids. Anything can happen! Whatever the past has been, whatever their experience with cameras has been, whatever their mood is, I try to give them a good experience so they are happy to come back. If they think - oh he, this is kinda fun, dad is just playing with me, no one is telling me I’m doing anything wrong, in fact it seems I’m getting praised a lot and they gave me candy - I guarantee they too will relax after a while. :)

Anyway, with that said above - welcome to my lifestyle family sessions! :) It’s play, it’s closeness, it’s connection, it’s motion, it’s emotion, and it’s all full of personality. Your personality! It’s creating moments with your family and having me instigate shenanigans. We create together, so show me your family vibes, show me how much you love each other, and make this a family fun day rather than just pictures. I can tell you right now, you will love the results! You can’t get bad photos from a fun playdate! Simply put, it’s impossible! :) Show me the love and I’ll be there to capture it! :)

And now, without further adieu, let’s give it up for the Fritze fam! :) They brought it!!!!