Bohemian Legacy Hill Farm Wedding :: Desiree + Sean


Desiree: (On how we met) 
Sean came across my online profile and apparently I caught his eye, cause “Hey you!” opening line followed. I’m sure my reply was equally ingenious. One liners turned into conversations, and his witty sensor humor, lots of common interests, as well as our mutual passion for sports and working out quickly struck my interest back. Before we knew we kinda started falling for each other, texting back and forth each day. That’s before we even met! Speaking for first dates… Sean totally charmed me with his sweet surprise message showcasing Twins tickets he got for us! I know, possibly not the way to most girls’ hearts, but it was to mine! We were about to meet for the first time, and I will admit, I was a bit nervous, since I had met this guy online only. However, hesitation gave way to excitement, and my spontaneity took over, anxiously (and with butterflies) awaiting the July 17th, 2012 date. As my usual luck goes, I got totally stuck in traffic, turned around, and basically utterly lost, on my way to our meet-up spot. Here I was, having driven close to an hour at that point, zero clue of where I was, and kinda starting to panic. I whipped into a Presbyterian church parking lot and totally embarrassed called Sean to come to my rescue. He told me he’d figure it out (based on my no-doubt frantic attempts to explain my location), and told me to watch for a red Mazda. Great first impression. Turns out I was about 10 miles off route and that dang missed exit got me completely turned around. After the torturous wait, and many red cars later, I’m pretty sure I was a haute mess. Armed with an awkward joke I plopped in his car, mind racing, and somehow we made it to the game on time. Things actually much improved from there, or I didn’t totally scare him off, cause we managed to top the night with a movie, and a glass of wine. He even got me back to my car without any trouble. One of us is not directionally challenged… As I was driving back home at 3am, I wasn’t sure I would be hearing back from him again. I think somehow the fact that our date itself was actually quite perfect outweighed my awkwardness cause within an hour I had a text from him. From that day on I knew he was something special, and I hoped he knew just how full his heart, and his hands, would always be with me by his side. Sean and I bring balance to each other’s lives. I know that sounds like a cliche, but it’s almost like we found our missing piece when we met. I can be impulsive, and tend to take leaps of faith, wear my heart on my sleeve, whereas Sean is much more logical, possibly a tiny bit more responsible. He keeps me grounded, and I remind him to be spontaneous, since our own meeting is proof some risks are worth taking. 

Sean: (On how I proposed) 
I proposed to Desiree on the top of Silly Mountain in Arizona during a hike. She’s adventurous, loves nature, and this was the first mountain we climbed together back in 2013. I figured the name, our love for being active, and this place overall was pretty fitting for us. Desiree had dropped a few (wink ;)) hints about wanting an engagement ring for her birthday (jokingly of course), but little did she know my mom and I had it all planned out already! The ring had been safely hidden in my mom’s bag the whole trip. I remember getting down on one knee at the top when Desiree turned and the first thing she said was “You’re not joking, right??"

Desiree: (On how he proposed, and our goals for our marriage)
Happy tears and laughter followed and now Silly Mountain has a different meaning for us. We use it as a reminder that there should always be room for laughter and being silly together. Passion is amazing (we have it!), but it’s only natural for it to evolve over time. We want to go through life making conscious efforts to bring passion back into our relationship, but above all we always want to be good friends, have fun, and laugh together. To us being about to be ourselves, be silly, be goofy, that’s what it’s all about. 

Our wedding day was very befitting to our relationship as a whole. Throughout our years together laughter and silliness, with a sprinkle of awkwardness, and a dash of spice has been the recipe. As you might expect, not everything went as planned, but somehow we kept freakishly calm through any and all of the mishaps. I should give my man a shout-out here for being THEE MVP GROOM!!!! A few days before the wedding Sean completely took charge of all setup and decor, including logistics, and told me to just take in the day, everything would be taken care of. He made good on his promise, and even spent an hour of the morning showing our setup crew what to do! I had pictures of how I wanted things set up and he made it all happen! (A huge thank you to my amazing florist Couture Fleur, and Hello Wildflower for making our DIY visions come to life!!) 

On to some things that added flavor to our day… 

During the guys getting ready part we figured out that apparently no one in our group knows how to properly tie a tie, because it literally took 45 minutes and 3 groomsmen to get Sean’s tie on! LOL One life skill he’s putting on his list to master… No matter! Once the tie was on, the dress was on, we were on our way! And, we were so darn excited to see each other for the first time that we totally didn’t realize we had forgotten to bring our love letters and gifts to the venue! We figured that out after the wedding… Oh well. We read those and opened each other's gifts our first morning as husband and wife. It worked out, and actually was kinda romantic, in a very intimate way. 

A few things hiccuped here and there (like it turning cold and temp dropping to 40 degrees with my completely open back dress!), but the one thing that kinda got our hearts pounding faster was the marriage license going missing right before the ceremony… We turned all our stuff upside down looking for it and totally by accident found it hiding in Sean’s overnight bag in his dad’s car. We got that baby signed and out of our hands before it got legs again! From there on until the ceremony Sean would whisper to me “Wow, we’re getting married and it’s our day! What happens happens.” I think that’s what helped us stay calm and enjoy it so much! The day was low key, and honestly I forgot about anything little misses the moment I was walking down the isle towards my Groom. At that moment nothing else mattered, just us. Plus, I was completely shocked when tears started streaming Sean’s face as I read my vows to him. This man doesn’t cry!!!! It’s one of those moments I’ll always remember, along with what he said later - “I couldn’t help myself. Everything you said. You just get me.” 

One of my favorite butterfly moments was our first dance. Sean was determined to sing the whole song to me as we danced. He succeeded! It was the first song he had dedicated to me when we started dating in 2012, and he wanted to prove he still knew it word for word!  We got some giggles and some sweet hugs as we swayed, and it really was a beautiful way we got to slow down for a bit right before the party got started. 

Speaking of partying - a word of caution to anyone doing a donut bar… Do-nut let your eyes be bigger than your stomach when ordering quantities! Everyone left with a doggy bag full, and we ate donuts for the entire next week to try to get rid of them. Haha 

Overall, I think I spent half the day with my mouth wide open in a belly laugh. Perfect representation of our life together! It’s not always picture perfect, but it is the strongest emotion of the day that I remember - simply, happiness. For all the sweet moments and all the funny ones, things seem to have fallen into place around us, we really couldn’t have wished for a more amazing day - our chilly Thursday wedding at Legacy Hill Farm. 

Venue - Legacy Hill Farm 
Photography - Ester Knowlen Photography 
Videography - Harvest Film Co.
Floral & Decor - Couture Fleur
Decor - Hello Wildflower
Makeup - Makeup by Mindie
Hair - Hair by Theresa
Wedding Dress - Katie May from A&Bé Bridal Shop in Minneapolis
Bridesmaids’ Dresses - Kennedy Blue from the Wedding Shoppe
Groom’s Suit - Milbern Clothing Co.
Cake - the Copper Hen
Donuts - Hyvee
Caterer - Distinctive Catering

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