To Hel and Back :: Shooting in Poland with Magda + Jacek

They thought were were just doing a day trip to the Hel peninsula, and hanging out, which we did. Except, I didn’t lug that monster of a camera and a lens with me for nothin’ dang it! LOL ;) The last thing I remember them saying was ‘we’re not gonna dance, damn it’, when the speaker came out of my little backpack, with an evil grin on mah face :)

Magda and I went to high school together, back in Gdynia, Poland, and Fun fact - she met Jacek the same day I met David - and we all kinda made friends right away, and have stayed in touch ever since. Every time I go back it’s like no time has passed, and as Magda put it, ‘we’re the last ones left on the battle field’ (as in, neither of us have kids LOL ;)).

Anyway, this was such a quick, impromptu session, and they were game for anything, even getting wet! Thanks for playing guys! Given you haven’t had photos done since your wedding, thought this was a good reminder of how to properly make out in public ;) — love ya! — Ester