Romantic Bloom Lake Barn Wedding :: Afton + Jake

They were just a bit concerned that it was going to rain, and in their defense it was suppose to storm that day (passing thunderstorms). And so it did rain. Some. At just the perfect moments, as it usually happens. IF they had really stressed out about it, it would have been borrowing trouble, and all kinds of worries for nothing. Instead we had fun! We let the bit of rain be part of the adventure (a welcomed one, since it cooled off by like 15 degrees from the scorching close to 100-degree heat index ;)). We darted for cover inside when needed, and found a perfect spot for all the photos. Honestly, we did not miss out on anything, and the day went way too fast, as they said after. "We hoped we took all the things in a bit more" Afton said. And sure, the dress got a bit dirty, it always does! But, as far as I'm concerned, this couldn't have been more perfect, and the crazy amazing golden hour we got as the sun dipped, was pure magic. 
So, cheers! To going with the flow, being up for anything, and to trusting that your photographer kinda, sorta, maybe just maybe, knows her shit ;) (LOL pardon my French) and will direct you rain or shine. Thanks for having me! Thanks for the vote of confidence. Thanks for being awesome, and... I'd do it all over again!! -- Ester 

PS 1. Check out the absolutely amazingly butt-kickin' arbor the bride's dad made! I mean come on! I want that thing in my house!!! :) 
PS 2. A huge thank you to Bloom Lake Barn owners, they are amazing people, and their love and frankly serving spirit and caring shows in everything they do and every interaction! Love that venue! 
PS 3. A huge thanks for my sidekick Nicole for nailing the guys getting ready shots! :)