Barefoot Boho Bloom Lake Barn Wedding :: Ally + Gabe

Ally and Gabe are two lovely people after my own heart. Anyone getting married barefoot gets my vote. Boho wedding, gorgeous greens, intimate setting, guests seated on home-made and stained benches, it all just spells a-m-a-zing! It was such a pleasure to share this day with them, from the first moments of getting ready and drooling at their details, through the sweet moments of everyone surrounding them in a prayer of blessing and protection, into golden rays of the golden hour and first dances. We toasted with kombucha (yes please!), and chomped down some Glam Doll donuts. Some of my favorite people, on a beautiful day, at one of my favorite venues. A day to remember that will also stick out in my memory as exceptional, and one I wish I could repeat. Maybe with the next couple willing to go barefoot in a breathtaking setting. All boho vibes welcome. Meantime, cheers to these amazing memories and Mr and Mrs Reiter. Thanks for having me :) - Ester 

PS. The day was tackled with my awesome friend and 2nd shooter Nicole. The shots of guys getting ready and some side angles are by her. She rocks! :)