Hot diggity! It's this time of year again! Time for all seniors to gather on rail road tracks, stair cases, and bridges! Well, some of that is true... Shooting on rail road tracks is actually not exactly legal, so don't even ask... Not to mention incredibly boring. Liz and I wanted something different. Sure. She wanted some photos in scrubs, documenting the nerdy part of her life as a pre-med student but mostly she wanted to feel pretty. She wanted her photos to have a personality rather than just look at the camera and awkwardly smile. So, we had fun. 
If you want your senior to have some photos they truly feel good about and don't cringe about, forget the standard, overly posed, overly stiff. Let me have at it and see if I can unlock the potential, and truly capture fun expressions, without the cheese. If you (or your senior) is up for playing and some unconventional senior photos, get in touch! - Ester :)