It's not often you can do a full wedding party dance-off on a frozen lake, while also having a 40 degree day, in March in Minnesota. Slightly melty, but toasty warm, we soaked up the sun, as Olivia and Paige said their I do's (and watered their tree, let's not forget that!) at Kellerman's Event Center. Fun little twist on the unity candle, by the way - not a bad idea for all breezy weddings ;) And, can I just add... that wedding dress was a dream! Complete with the beautiful nude mesh sleeves, and the fur. Olivia looked like a dream! Absolutely gorgeous! Let's also not forget to mention the nothing bundt cake... I'm not even a cake gal, and this slice was absolutely delicious! I wasn't even going to try it, but my 2nd shooter (Nicole) brought me a piece, and, well I couldn't let it go to waste. Yum! Glad I tried it! :) Ladies - good option for cakes if you are a cake gal. Anyway, gushing over the cake aside, it was the best day! Olivia and Paige, you two are pees in a pod, best friends, buddies, and now husband and wife. Wishing you that never-running-dry friendship, the strong foundations of faith and respect your parents have instilled in you, and many fun years together as you build your life in your new home (congrats on the new home!). It was a pleasure being part of your big day! Love, Ester