Minneapolis Event Centers (MEC) Urban Wedding :: Meggan + Joe

Some of the best desserts I've ever tasted. 
A speedy turtle most joyful bride that lit up a room with her smile.
A loving groom, quite frankly infatuated with his girl. 
Vegetarian meets Pork lover. 
Ehm, BEST freakin' Butternut Squash Ravioli ever served at a wedding! 
Mouth watering desserts! 
THE BEST group of peeps, that could pull off the 'cast of Downton Abbey' look like no one's business! 

Just a few things that come to mind about this beautiful March in Minnesota wedding at Minneapolis Grand Event Centers! Joe and Meggan made this day awesome, and it was a pleasure capturing every unique atom of their joy-filled relationship, surrounded with amazing people full of support, respect and love. I felt like one of the crew! Couples like these make my wedding days something smile about every time I see the pictures :) Cause yes, these guys will end up on the walls of my office, as a reminder of why I do what I do.  Love, Ester

PS. Groom getting ready and a few lovely side shots by my 2nd shooter Nicole :) 

Wedding Locations: 
Getting Ready, Ceremony and Reception - Minneapolis Event Centers
Couple's Photos and Golden Hour Photos - Saint Anthony Main 

Also check out this lovely video by Dan West Films!!!! - Meggan + Joe Wedding Video