8 Furry Paws :: At home with Kya + Tim

Cozy at home sessions have got to be my absolute favorites! I never get tired of them! I love walking in the door and seeing the personality, the coziness, both of you all over the place. It doesn't get more intimate than this. And, Kya and Tim brought it!! I fell in love with their home the moment I stepped through the door, and couldn't have been happier to be instantly covered with hair by their two furry babies. Cause, dog people are the best people in my book. We listened to country tunes, and this was an awesome time to get to know them better. They said they were nervous, but they found their groove so quick, I would have never known there were any pre-sesh butterflies. :) 

As a cherry on the top, I got the sweetest note from Kya after our sesh!

“Hi Ester ,Thank you for a wonderful session last week! You took two awkward, camera shy peeps and made it fun. We loved having the shoot at our home and cannot wait to see the images. Looking forward to the wedding after getting to spend the session last week with you! “
- Kya and Tim

Notes like this put a smile on my face. Thank you for inviting me into your home guys, and letting me see the real you! The dorky, the shy, the awkward, you two were just want I needed that day. I know I left with a smile, and I hope these photos bring you one every time you see them! - Ester