Unconventional Minneapolis Senior Photos :: At Home with Nicole

Let’s talk creativity. Let’s talk fun. Let’s talk unconventional togs. Out of the box kind of photos. Music, dancing, and images that actually look like you, feel like you! If you’re looking for a fun experience that will capture your personality in an artful way, possibly show off a bit of sex-appeal (cuz let’s be honest, what senior doesn’t want to look their best in these photos?! Don’t worry moms, we’re not going over the top, just enough that both feel good about some photos, and of course you can bust with pride at your amazing off-spring!!).

I love spunk. Dancing to tunes. And… here Nicole and I proved that you don’t need to go fancy! A white T, with some gold medallions, a loose wave in the hair, and listen to this - Express grey jogger pant! - with bare feet! Plus, a cute corner of a white room with some sheers. And a coffee mug. Yep, that’s all it took for some bomb senior / blogger style photos! Call me crazy, but I would have killed for shots like this when I was graduating! Instead I got the classic bridge and railroad (barf!)

Why not go fun? Let your personality shine! Studio sessions are so freakin’ awesome! Exploring the city with some tunes can’t be beat! A golden light in nature sounds so amazing! Moms and seniors - think outside of the box! Think outside of cheerleader outfits and footballs, outside of books and stethoscopes. Let’s make these photos cute, kinda sexy, fun, unique, and make this senior’s personality shine! If the above sounds like a dream, welcome to my tribe! Click on Say Hey to shoot me a note! :) Can’t wait to create something awesome with you!!! :) — Ester

PS. A little confession to make - Nicole is not actually a senior ;) She’s a fellow photographer, and we kinda needed some new cute headshots for each of us. Hence the creative play-time. So, I guess, all that to say - we kinda proved that all you need is 20 minutes, a cute corner of a white room, and some play to make magic :) Loved this time to let loose at bit and have some fun! If you’re are creative artist, blogger, or a business owner and you want something different for your headshots, I can’t wait to talk to you! :)

This was SO MUCH FUN!!! Thanks for playing hon! :)