Oregon, Utah, Joshua Tree, desert-y hills, bluffs, mountains, those are all places that I’ve been day-dreaming of visiting and shooting in, since I haven’t gotten to travel the US much yet. I’ve been focusing on Europe, going back to see why folks and whenever I get the chance tacking on an additional leg of the trip to see another country, or re-visit the one I fell in love with the last time around. Most recently it was Poland + Sicily, a few years before Tuscany, Paris and Venice, before then the bustling city joy of Barcelona, Spain. Slowly I’m checking off all the place I want to go, with Ireland, Scotland, and the Netherlands topping my list for the next visit.
This year, however, I’ve been also focusing on and appreciating “home". Minnesota might not have the yellow desert golden tones I love so much, but our Lebanon Hills Park in November is a spitting image of someplace else warm and seemingly more exotic. It’s easy to take home for granted. Having made strides at seeing the beauty where I live, and capturing our amazing midwest best, this session with Sam and Tyler at Tamarack Nature Preserve stole my heart instantly. And, honestly, I so appreciated Minnesota for what it is. Sure, we might have cold weather 6 months out of the year, but our yellow grasses in the fall at a magical golden hour are on the money! And as we spent this awesome hour together, having fun, there was no place I’d rather have been. 

Let me tell you a bit about how it went… I managed to convince Sam to not wear the third layer of clothing, and I’m glad he succumbed to my pleas for leaving the vest behind because in long-sleeve t-shirt and a shirt over (I might be missing a layer in there) on a 93 (going on 96) degree day I was afraid we’d have a casualty towards the end of the sesh LOL. Hey, I know! Once you’ve devised THE perfect outfit, it’s really hard to adjust for the crazy temp swing, but I knew I’d be making them run and hug and such, and didn’t particularly want to have to carrying him back.

We had a great time, man, we really did! These two are some of the most awesome humans I know! (As my friend Shannon says ;)). They helped create what you see here. Their love for each other, and chemistry, needed but a small nudge of ideas from me, and they took it form there and rolled with it! It was so beautiful to see how they interact, what makes them laugh, and I’m all smiles just recalling this sweet session with these two friends. I mean, if a hoard of mosquitos basically trying to eat you alive can’t take the fun out of the outing, I’m convinced that rain or shine, in sickness and in health, these two will do alright. I’m super excited to be part of their big day in 2018. It will be a great day as Sam and Tyler officially start this new fun chapter of their lives together.  Cheers! To you two! — Ester 

PS. I should add this funny hiccup to the session notes... I came convinced that Sam was the guy in the duo, and Tyler was the girl. Well, little did I remember from the wedding contract, Sam was short for Samantha and my brain was going absolutely crazy trying to reconcile that new fact! It sure caused a whole bunch of laughs, so I guess the dork I am — it worked out in the end! LOL