Chemistry Baby! :: Desiree + Sean Intimate Engagement

Desiree and Sean, honestly, this was a dream session! These two have such chemistry, and just exude love, connection, and alluring sweetness. They were so cute, showing up all giddy, having read my "How to have an amazing session" article, all excited to play, and have fun! We frolicked to some tunes (these two know some dance moves!!!). We went exploring in search of tall grasses, landed on a horse instead of hiking trail (courtesy of my amazing sense of direction), but it was all good, cause we ran into Friendly the Palomino who's owner invited us to take some photos with this awesome horse!!!! I mean, come on! How can you pass up on that?! Especially since Desiree had wanted a horse ever since she was a little girl; it was meant to be! We ended the session splashing in water at sunset. Yep, it was oh so good!
Love you two! I still think of this session as some of the most fun I've had behind the lens! Can't wait for your amazing wedding next year!!! - Ester