Kristen was a referral from one of my friends who went to law school with her. I think before I met her I kept wondering - ehm... I hope my contract is up to snuff LOL ;) Then we met up and basically hit it off right away, and whether there were typos in my contract or not, it no longer mattered. I knew we'd have fun! :) Frankly, I love working with organized brides. Most photographers avoid type-A girls, but since I is one, I feel right at home with people that make my job easier by falling in love with my kick-ass wedding itinerary template ;) 

So, how did the day go? Let's see... it started with a bit of a roadtrip for me and my 2nd shooter Nicole, and a Starbucks, because that's how ALL good weddings start. ;) Ain't goin' anywhere without my coffee... From there - getting ready at Kristen's parents' house, grandpa's vintage car, a mile long veil, sprinkles that didn't dampen the mood, a crew that was up for anything - did I miss anything?! Oh yeah!!! Two things --- #1 - I showed up and was floooooored! I mean, do I need to put up a photo of Keira Knightley and Kristin side by side???! Is it just me? To me they look identical! And, #2 - Sherman!!!! It was 'bring your dog to the wedding day' and I dig that every time! :) Oops, my furry baby fetish's showin' ;) What a day!! -- Congrats Kristin and Alex!