There's nothing like an at-home, cozy, lifestyle sesh -- relaxed, surrounded by the things you know and love, not distracted by cheering bystanders (beyond me, of course, hopping up and down cause I get so dang excited!!!). I just love this! There is a reason why "Home is where the Heart is".

Arrianne and Patrick's session was no different - 'sweet' is the best way to describe it. With kisses and hugs and laughter between sips of coffee we explored their dreamy White Bear Lake boat docks apartment. And, since they basically have a coffee shop in the building, we explored those common spaces as well, and with great pleasure (on my part anyway - kid in the candy store! I tell ya!). I, of course, had to peek into all kinds of spots and corners, playing with angles, and these two were just perfect for all of it and up for anything - the setting, the tunes, the games. Loved every minute of it! Can't wait for their wedding!!! Enjoy a sneak peek from their sesh!!! 

PS. If you and your sweetheart are drawn to just this kind of cute at-home style, let's do it!!! You don't need an occasion (newborns are great, but an engagement session is not the only reason to have your love documented at home). If an anniversary, or a no-reason sesh seems frivolous, make it your anniversary (or early Valentine's?) present to each other. What a better way to celebrate love?? 

Here are a few things to know about at-home sessions:
(i.e: what Pinterest won't tell you ;)) 

  • The light is generally different indoor than outdoor, i.e.: those awesome shots you see indoor vs. outdoor where likely taken at completely different times of day, and different sessions -- our best bet is to stick to one option (either indoor OR outdoor). If we get lucky I can try to make something happen, but plan on one and you'll get better results. 
  • Best light indoor is in the morning (9 or 10am works great). WHY? It's because while the sun is getting towards overhead (which is not great for being outdoors - think Dracula shadows, harsh bright light, squinting, etc.), the light comes in from the windows, in a diffused manner. The later in the day, the more sunshine peeks into the windows eventually flooding the space with light (that's when the light is directional and it's starting to be better to be outside than inside)
  • Pre-plan - make sure your space is clean and fairly clutter free or we'll be spending more time dusting and vacuuming than snuggling and shooting
  • Cozy is best - so wear something you can semi-move in, sit on the ground or couch in, etc. Otherwise my conclusion from the sesh will be - she looked cute and... he wore really tight pants (read - couldn't breathe LOL ;)) Go barefoot whenever possible. 
  • The details - I love oriental rugs, nail-head couches, white-on-white bedding, and overall seeing what makes your space spell "you". We might not stick to one place (sometimes a kitchen or a seemingly un-romantic space like laundry room can create the coolest photos!). I go where the light is dreamy, and capture the story, so don't obsess over me shooting a couple frames of your fern, just relax and get into the whole experience. :) 

Hope these few tips are helpful! Feedback? Send along to my email 

-- Ester