Hope Glen Farm - one of these cute, rustic places, with all kinds of awesomeness to give. And even better - all festivities in one place! Now that's what I call a party with no better place to be! :) A great day, beautiful weather, vintage surroundings, and even the fact that it was a double-header wedding weekend couldn't spoil the fun for me! And, we had fun, an un-beat wedding party, sibling shenanigans, groomsmen goof-offs. This by all means is not the whole story, since we ended up with WAY too many great shots, but you get the idea... It was a good day! Congrats to Jon and Katie!!! (MR and MRS Weight) And... now I want a donut (seriously!!!! those looked so good!!! And, I'm not even a donut person.) 
PS. A huge thanks to my side-kicks for the day! Laura and Steph, you gals rocked! It was awesome having you with :)