We connected via email, we clicked over the phone, we booked almost instantly and met face to face at their engagement session. Mackenzie and Danny are one of those couples about which I ask "Where do I find more of you???". They showed up dapper, but relaxed, excited, ready to have some fun. Untucked shirt, jeans, rolled up cuffs, loafers (cute!), and a boho white dress (darling!). Ready to go barefoot! Happily announcing that the backpack concealed a bottle of champagne and a light fringe-y blanket. The neighbor bringing a white rowboat for us to enjoy (what???!!) Now, this didn't just happen. Amazingness like this does take some planning. Mackenzie proudly announced that she had read my "How to have an amazing session" story, which gave her lots of ideas. As soon as I heard "Excelsior" mentioned as a location, I asked "sail boat??" (please please God!!). Well, she asked around, it was a no-go on the sailboat, BUT the cute white row boat turned out even better than we had imagined!!!! As a side note - if you have access to a sail boat - let's do photos. Here is my cell phone #. Call day or night. KIDDING! (well, serious actually ;)). 

Anyway, back to their story. We grooved to some Michael Buble (or Michael Bubble, as I call him ;)), and we had a great time. I'm might have jumped for joy several times during their sesh, to the surprise of some bystanders... What can I say?! We were making some magic happen. Cute at-home sessions, row boat for the win, rooftop e-sessions (hello!!! spoiler alert!), cute family farm --- what's some unique stuff you have access to that no one else has sported? If you want people to be Pinterest-ing your photos rather than you Pinterest-ing theirs, a little bit of planning and some ingenious thinking is what it takes :) AND (you probably have never heard this before ;)) - being up for some play-time. I know! What a unique concept LOL ;) 

Without further adieu, Mackenzie + Danny!  

PS. Almost forgot... We had parted ways after the sesh and I spotted a Sebastian Joe's ice cream truck!! I mean come-on! You can't miss that! I called them back, they waltzed right over, and we got some fun and unique finale shots. Because who doesn't want to end a session with ice cream?!