I wasn't going to book any holiday weekends, David and I had established that, and then all of a sudden I found myself booked for every holiday but 4th of July... (insert dazed and confused face). Not quite sure how that happened, other than I'm still kinda foreign and apparently after 16 years of living in the US I can't tell what major holiday falls on what day. Ooops. Date faux pas aside, I'm sure glad Katie and Michael approached me, because their day was, awesome. A beautiful family farm, a quaint little church in Owatonna area, sweet family, amazing wedding party. It truly was a Memorable Memorial Day weekend, and with side-kicks like mine - Nicole Marohn and Steph Fedor for the day (shooting groomsmen getting ready), I could re-live it over and over. Holiday or no holiday. The weather held up, it was a perfect cloud cover, the details were a dream, and capturing these two, their sweet love and watching them treat their parents with tenderness and respect was such an honor. Michael and Katie - AKA MR and MRS Costello - the story of your day, told. Thanks for having me! It truly was a pleasure! - Ester