This officially is one of my favorite newborn session thus far!!! There'll be more, I'm sure, but what makes this one so special is two things:

  1. I had imagined a few of these shots before I even arrived, AND I was able to make this vision happen!! Which is just plain cool!!! :)
  2. They PLAYED, they got lost in the moment, they ignored me for the most part, and just had fun being together. Books, playtime, the works!

When I photograph at people's houses I often have no idea what I'm walking into. It could be dark like a dungeon, it could be dreamy white-on-white bed linens with soft lighting flooding the space. We could have a designer-worthy light grey and white nursery flooded with natural ligth, there might be cool mirrors and French pane doors. It's always an adventure, and though sometimes a bit nerve-wrecking, I love getting inspired by what strikes me when I walk in. For the most part it all works out, so I'm generally not too worried. Worst case scenario, if I have some lovely folks (with dark houses), they get more black and whites in the mix. All good! Black and Whites rock! 

This time was different. Completely! In my head I saw this farm-house table, with a bench facing the windows. I couldn't shake this idea! I had been to the Keller home a couple years earlier for Anderson's newborn sesh (that's actually how we all connected), but at that time the house was being moved into. As in - everything was in boxes. As in, I certainly had no idea where things ended up and what they looked like. For all I knew they could have really been into Native Indian decor... or Coca-Cola collectibles. I didn't even know if they had a table in the dreamy-lit kitchen I remembered, what it looked like, whether it would work for these shots I completely couldn't get out of my head!!! 

Lo and behold! I walked in, and there it was! It was perfection!!!!! -- a farm house table EXACTLY like that one in my mind!!!! AND there was the bench!!!! (On the wrong side per my head's imaginary demands, but no biggy!) I basically re-arranged their kitchen to fit the vision my brains couldn't purge. And... magic was born. I mean, my heart still skips a beat when I think about how everything came together - the playtime, the sweet moments, the farmhouse table, the bench, bare feet. I got to observe, give small bits of direction, let them have sweet family moments non-invaded by stiff posing. With John Meyer tunes, and this warm, intimate time, it was as awesome as I had imagined. Maybe even more. Because they played. Because there was a bench. And cute bare feet.