A whole lot of cuteness in this story today!! It's almost hard to believe that I've known Catie and David for a while, since there were three in their lovely family, to be precise. They found me while on the hunt for a photographer to document their baby gender reveal - when Catie was pregnant with the triplets (2 girls, and 1 boy, I'm sure you're dying of curiosity). I've photographed those little bundles of joy when they arrived, some birthday party outings in between, and I just recently had the pleasure to meet and capture the latest addition to the fam - meet little Scarlett. Let me tell you, they just keep coming out cuter and cuter!!! Congrats to Catie and David on adding this little nugget to their family!!! -- Ester 

(Catie, David, Georgia, Ivy, Piper, Wallace, + Scarlett)