Kids will be kids. Wild and free. And that's how I love to photograph them. Plus, I generally need a workout for the day, and running around after a bunch of kiddos provides just that - stronger glutes! ;) 

Some things you might need to know about me is that can't stand stagnant poses, everyone looking at the camera, perfectly set up, every hair in the right direction. It's just not my style. There's nothing worse than trying to set up kids all looking in the same direction, all smiling a natural smile, sitting perfectly and looking like they're having fun. It's like torture. It takes forever. Sometimes it doesn't happen at all, because kids don't pretend well, everything shows on their face. If they're not having fun, it will show in pictures. So, instead of turning them into perfect little mannequins and trying to turn their crooked unhappy fake smiles into something that will look good on a wall I take a different take on capturing a family --- I let the kids be kids. I let them be little, I let them be kinda wild and have fun. We walk, we snuggle, we play, LOTS! (yep, you get a workout too. Come ready to be out of breath!!!! ;)). This is how amazing photos are born. Photos that you remember the rest of your life. So, if you love playing with your kids, you love real emotion, real laughter, authentic, raw, and somewhat candid imagery, you will love this little session sneak peek.

As a side note -- no worries, I completely understand that not everyone is an extrovert. Some families don't run around wild all the time, they enjoy quiet reading time more. Some kids like to snuggle, some like to have their space. We try to tap into your family, your kid's personality, your family dynamic. No cheese!!! Whether it's a more tame reading of books, cuddles, walking holding hands, OR some extroverted climbing, frolicking, wild at heart type of fun --- I'm your girl. I like to have fun, and I like the kids to have fun too, so they want to come back. 

Without further adieu - Meet the Marohn Family! 

I'll introduce this story by mentioning that photographing a photographer or them and their family can be daunting. You get nervous. But, it can also be super fun, because frankly, they know their stuff. They don't want to fake smiles either, and they know how hard they work clowning around to make kids laugh, so they go out of their way to get expressions and reactions out of their own kids during a session. They do things they hope others would do - they play without reservations. All that to say, it maybe started out a bit nervous (on my end), but quickly turned awesome and we had oodles of fun. :) When I look at these pics, I just grin - I mean, like ear to ear wide kind of grin - because I walked away with some great shots that I would be proud to show in my house. And, I know Nicole's heart was just full to have pictures of herself after serving everyone else, capturing their families beautifully. What I'm most proud of is that each kid's personality shines when you look at these snaps, and it was so fun for me to get these little tikes' photos that reflect who they are. See for yourself...

Nicole - the photog mom - extroverted, quirky, bubbly It's so easy to get this girl laughing a belly laugh!! Her fun personality just jumps off the page!! 
Brendan - the dad - a bit more reserved, but still a super cool dude! He gave it his all to make his kids play and laugh, and we basically milked this guy for all the patience he had. Long session galore!!! LOL ;) 
Aubrey - the oldest sister. This gal is a little poser!! She's the model of the family, not camera shy whatsoever, striking a pose, or 16 varieties of a smile on command! 
Charlie - middle brother. This guy is somewhat quiet, somewhat shy, and oh so sweet, but he's also such a boy! He loves to climb, jump, loved his hat, frankly, and we could not get him to take it off LOL ;) He's just darling!!  
Haley - the little one. This kiddo is in her own world. She's her own independent soul. She cooperated for some shots, but mostly kind of wanted to do her own thing or be played with individually. Not a big fun of being inside the sibling sandwich LOL ;) 

And, there you have it. The Marohns OWNED the park. We played some music, did all kinds of things with a chair that I did not expect the chair would do (an antique find at "the Old Stuff" store in WI, by the way). We danced, we ran around wild, we embraced the chaos that family is, and I loved every minute of this sesh!!! Thanks for playing! :) Can't wait for next time.