Let's face it, shooting newborns at home is a bit of a challenge. You basically never know what you're walking into. A place could be dark as a dungeon, with dark walls and no window light, or it could be a dreamy white on white designer-looking bedroom flooded with diffused light (also known as "I died and went to heaven" ;)). There could be no nursery, or the nursery could be fully set up like Martha Steward herself blessed it. It's all fun though. I find it infinitely inspiring when I walk into a home I've never been to, get to snoop around for the best places to shoot, and see what earthly possessions make my creative juices flow :) So, I put up with no-studio situation and hope for the best. Fingers crossed. Each time I walk into a new home.

Having said the above, you can image it isn't often that I walk into a house and...gasp with amazement. Ok, sure, so there was no nursery, BUT we had a tree house. In the middle of the living room!! I mean, come on! Like, can I move my office there immediately???! 

Anyway,  I digress... The Ries family indeed has a man-crafted (opposed to naturally occurring ;)) awesome tree house with a slide, a play room, a book reading lounge, and basically all kinds of magic, in the living room. So, it was only proper to frolic some like the kid I am, in the candy store that this living room was. :) I, as excited as all get-out, got to crawl around and follow little Nicholas around. Basically awesomeness! Couldn't have thought of spending my morning any better than this!! And, might I add, it's not often that I find an older brother that wants to hold the baby, all the time, and kisses her out of his own volition. All those pictures on Pinterest make it look like you should be able to get any older brother to do that, but it's really more like the spotting of a unicorn. Or a sighting of a blue mood. 

As you can tell, we had fun :)

And as far as the newborn sessions went, baby Julia fussed some, slept a whole bunch, let herself be dressed in the cutest little jumper I have ever seen (without any accidents ;)), and the parents were completely chill about everything. Grandma even sent me off with a fully stocked bag of lunch for the road! Sweetest people around! It was such a pleasure to photograph their sweet bundle of joy :) 

Congrats on the brand spankin' addition to the family!!! She's a keeper! :)